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Client Testimonials

The following testimonials are from website clients of jogideas.com

aoifegarrihybeauty.ie (Mar 2016)
Requirements: To design a fun and attractive site with enticing Splash Page and Appointments Request facility for a new Beauty Salon in County Clare. To provide Content MAnagement System for easy content management, blogging, Newsletter and Treatments Management. Provide on-going training and support in content management.
aoifegarrihybeauty.ie "The Splash Page is great. The whole site looks fantastic and the Admin Area is so easy to use!"
bodytreats.ie (Feb 2013)
Requirements: To design a sophisticated looking website for a top-rated Beauty Salon. based in COunty Clare. To deliver Administration area for adding and editing content and managing various aspects of the business such as Blogging, Newsletter, Treatments and Vouchers. To implement User-facing Apps such as Appointments Request Tool, Voucher and Product Sales and Newsletter Sign-Up facility. Provide on-going training and support in content management.
bodytreats.ie "The site is very helpful to our customers!"

wildkitchen.ie (Oct 2012)
Requirements: To design a cool look for new concept business wildkitchen.ie, based in County Clare. To integrate CMS content management tool. To build a new members module to allow members sign up and pay for annual membership of the site. Provide on-going training and support in content management.
wildkitchen.ie "Thank a mil, Jonny. I love it! Well done!"

bodymindbalancing.ie (Aug 2012)
Requirements: To integrate existing site into jogideas.com custom Content Management solution. To install new gallery and tidy up the content. Provide on-going training and support in content management.
bodymindbalancing.ie "Thank you :)"

breaktrue.ie (Sep 2012)
Requirements: Re-design site with more intuitive navigation system and integrate site into jogideas.com custom Content Management solution.
breaktrue.ie "Thanks for your work. the map on the directions page looks great. I'll try managing it tomorrow and let you know if there is anything I can't do."

ruby-roo.com (Apr 2011)
Requirements: To build a unique and attractive website with low-cost eCommerce functionality to enable online ordering and sales of hand-made cosmetics and skincare products.
ruby-roo.com "The site looks really cool! Well done!"

catshomebakes.ie (Aug 2012)
Requirements: To build an attractie site, integrating logo design into overall look with Paypal integration and Easy Content Management solution.
catshomebakes.ie "Thanks Very much 'Jogideas' for all the Good work that you put into designing my website and giving me what I asked for.!"

biochrome.ie (Nov 2011)
Requirements: To upgrade an existing site design with Easy Content Management solution.
biochrome.ie "Thank you for your help, Jonathan."

maire-rua.com (Nov 2003)
Requirements: To build an attractive site with information and gallary of the surrounding area.
maire-rua.com "This site has been very good for our business over the years."

plan-itearth.org.uk (Feb 2009)
Requirements: To repair the content management system of the existing web-site.
plan-itearth.org.uk "Thanks so much for all your effort on this - it is now live!!!"

bodymindbalancing.ie (Nov 2008)
Requirements: To install a forum on the exsting web-site.
bodymindbalancing.ie "Just wanted to say thanks again for all your help!"

kevinsharkey.com (Apr 2010) - (now offline)
Requirements: To build a simplified and secure site, displaying new press release info, contact form and paintings. Build new custom shopping cart to allow customers to buy online using cash or electronic means..
kevinsharkey.com "The site looks nice and simple and customers are starting to buy, which is great!"

kevinsharkey.com (Jan 2010) - (now offline)
Requirements: To build a randomly generating image browser capable of displaying multiple collections of art and photography, with multiple methods of buying and downloading images.
kevinsharkey.com "The site looks great! It is so much fun to look at!"

Customer Testimonials

Perfect! Launching in 5 minutes haha. Thanks a million for all you've done, I absolutely love this new site! So pleased with it...Aoife Garrihy - aoifegarrihybeauty.ie "Thanks so much Jonathan - the laptop is running much faster now" - Lorraine (McGraths Shop, Connolly, County Clare)
"I just want to say you did a fantastic job on the laptop, thanks very much" - Colm (McGanns Pub, Doolin, County Clare)
"Its great, my son was wondering if you could do something for his laptop as well" - Ann (Half Door B&B, Doolin, County Clare)
"The laptop is going great and the software you sent me worked perfectly - Thanks a million" - Rita (McInerneys Foodstore, Doonbeg, County Clare)